Genie Blue Max Garage Door Opener

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genie-blue-max-garage-door-opener Genie Blue Max Garage Door Opener

Genie is the famous employer with splendid experience in production garage door opener for years. no question, that the organization has diverse varieties of storage door opener models and its add-ons. Genie gives a big range of garage door opener and Genie blue max is one in every of it. Blue max garage door, similar to every other garage door opener, can do the opening and be remaining the door even though without an excessive amount of pressure. With its safety function the door will not near the door if there’s an object within the pathway, however, alas, if the pathway is apparent it’ll close harshly and supply the bang ending.

Adjusting Genie blue max garage door opener is wanted in that very situation. rather than replacing it with any other garage door opener, try and adjust your storage door first may be sufficient. All you need to modify the opener is a ladder.

the first step of a way to alter your Genie Blue Max storage door opener put the ladder behind the storage door opener. locate the “application” button on the opener and press it. The button generally has the square form and you will see the plus form on the proper side of the button. once you press this system button, a blue light will flash and you could begin adjusting the limiter a menu with the aid of urgent the minus or plus button on it.

manage the velocity by way of pressing the program button accompanied by using urgent plus button two times. The spherical blue light will illuminate and long blue light flashing. modify the speed of your Genie blue max storage door opener through an urgent button that has a minus or plus key.

the next step is adjusting pressureyou could do it via over again urgent this system button and observed via urgent the plus button 3 timesin contrast to preceding step, this time you may see spherical red mild flashing. after you see the light press the plus or minus key simply as you wished.


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