Chamberlain Remote Light Switch

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chamberlain-remote-light-switch Chamberlain Remote Light Switch

About Chamberlain Remote Light Switch

A wireless light switch is a light switch that commands a light or home appliance to turn itself off or on, instead of interrupting the power line going to the light fixture. There are different ways to communicate between the switch and the fixture.

The Control home or garage lighting and garage doors from a distance with the Chamberlain WSLCEV remote light switch from North Shore Commercial Door. Simply replace any single pole light switch with the remote lighting switch. This allows your lights to be controlled with any MyQ-compatible remote, including the mini remote that’s included with your purchase of the Chamberlain remote light switch.

Product Highlights:

  • Item # WSLCEV
  • Control home or garage lights from a distance
  • Mini MyQ-compatible remote with batteries is included
  • Operate with the included remote or other MyQ-compatible remote
  • Mini remote also operates Chamberlain garage door openers 1993 or later
  • To operate, replace any single pole light switch with this unit
  • CFL/LED Ready, 300W Max

Complicated wiring

Multiple wireless transmitters can command a single receiver. This means switches in different locations can turn the same electrical load on or off. Switching like this is often used in stairwells or rooms where two or more switches are used to turn one light on or off. Achieving this result with wired three-way or four-way switches requires a higher level of electrical knowledge and more time for wiring and installation.

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